chart your own course. fall (back) in love.

a modern persuasion series. watch season one now.

Inspired by Jane Austen's Persuasion, RATIONAL CREATURES is a romantic dramedy series created and produced by a multinational team of female filmmakers. It's the modern, inclusive Jane Austen story you didn't know you wanted. Watch Season One now.

the jane austen web series you've been waiting for

Ana, a Latina woman around 30 sits on a purple couch, gazing to her right. There's a multicolor paisley wallhanging behind her
Cast & Crew
The main cast of Rational Creatures sits on and in front of a purple couch, a multicolor wallhanging behind them. They're in their 20s, all smiling at the camera. From left to right: Ben (a white male), Stephanie (an Asian female), Peter (a white male), Kristina (a Latina female), Leticia (an Asian female), Gabby (a Latina female), and Cat (a white female)
Get Involved
Fred, a white man around 30, is upside down in frame, laying on top of olive green sheets, a cell phone pressed to his ear.
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